A personal air filter that eliminates smoke and smell. It includes a rubber mouthpiece, sleek durable design, and replaceable filter cartridges.


How Does It Work?


Take a hit of your favorite stuff, put the mouthpiece up to your lips to create an airtight seal then exhale rapidly. The HEPA + ACTIVATED CARBON filter does the rest.



How Can I Extend The Life Of The Filter?


We recommend leaving the smoke filter in an area where it can stay dry and cool. This allows the moisture to evaporate. 

We also recommend to cycle two filter cartridges back and forth. This will allow one filter cartridge to be drying out, while the other is being used. 



How Long Does It Last?


Depending on the user and how often you use it, we have found the Smoke Trap 2.0 lasts for roughly 300 uses and the Smoke Trap + lasts for 500 uses. 


How Do I Replace The Cartridge?


Smoke Trap 2.0:

1) Pop off the bottom end cap,

2) Push out your old cartridge from inside the plastic shell

3) Stick a new one in. Make sure the end cap goes back on the device. 


Smoke Trap +:

1) Twist off the rubber mouthpiece

2) Pull off the cardboard replacement filter and recycle it :)

3) Stick a new replacement onto the rubber mouthpiece and twist the plastic cover back on. 



Does It Work With Dabs And Vaporizers?




How About Joints And Blunts?


Yes, it will work, but it won't be as effective because it won't capture the smoke/smell coming from the joint/blunt. We recommend for best results, using with glass, bongs, pipes, dab rigs, pens, etc



What About The Smoke Coming From The Bowl?


We recommend only packing individual sized bowls that you can snap through in one hit. Also called a "one hitter". This will eliminate any residual smoke or smell coming from the bowl



How Do I Know When To Replace The Cartridge?


It'll require a lot of force to blow through before being blocked completely. If it feels like you're blowing into a brick wall, it's time to change the filter cartridge. Make sure you're leaving it out in a dry/cool place to ensure it can dry out.

We recommend cycling two filter cartridges in and out to allow one filter to dry out, while the other is being used. 



How Do I Clean It?


You can use a warm wet cloth and soap to clean areas with resin build up. We suggest to take the replacement filter cartridge out of the device before cleaning. The filter can be damaged if wet. 



Do You Ship In Discreet Packaging?


Yes. Your delivery will come in a plain envelope.