My Story

Growing up in Portland, Oregon I quickly realized that the smell of smoke is a serious problem for many people. I came up with tons of "game plans" to mask the smell, and even homemade solutions, but none of them did the trick.


Finding a place to smoke was a hassle and I was constantly worried about the smell lingering in nearby places and worse, getting in trouble. I was fed up with current solutions that didn't last long or worked very well so I came up with my own solution.


I came up with a product that fills the void of all current solutions out there. A product that is form-fitted around your mouth, has a sleek design for portability and introduces replacement filter cartridges to remove the hassle of buying and wasting old filters every month.


SMOKE TRAP is the premier personal smoke filter and I'm happy to introduce this awesome tool to as many people as I can. Smokers have been worrying for too long about the lingering smell. It's my goal to change all of that.


Smoke Trap Owner Brandon Shroyer

( Brandon )